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Difference Between Tissue Cultured Teak & Stump / Seedling

Tissue Cultured Teak

Shoot grows in continuation with the root

Our Plantation at Nandigama:

8 years old Tissue cultured teak plantation with Uniform Growth of around 75-90ft and Girth around 75-110cms.

Tissue cultured teak plants have the same characteristics of the mother plant, hence has no branches, and has non flaky trunk. The uniformity in height and girth results in excellent volume and quality wood.

Mother plant is selected after 60 characteristic analysis, hence the clone is highly resistant to diseases and pests.

Ready to harvest from 8th year

Returns on yield would be high, as the formation is 75% heart wood and only 25% sapwood.

Prevents up to 30% wind damage to other crops when chosen as a fencing plant because of its uniform growth.

Can be planted throughout the year.

Gives multi fold returns against the investment after 17 years

Stump Teak

Shoot grows to one side of the root

8 years old stumps planted in the same field simultaneously by the farmer. Plants have lot of branches and approximate Height 40 ft & Girth around 20-35cms

Each stump has its own characteristics, hence the plant has many branches and flaky trunk effecting the volume and quality of the wood.

Not resistant to pests and diseases.

Takes around 25-50 years for harvest.

Only 30% of the total yield would be heart wood and remaining 70% is sap wood.

Due to its irregular growth, it is inefficient as a fencing plant.

Seasonal plantation.

According to NABARD abstract, returns will be 5 times the investment in 17 years.