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TEMPERATURE AND PLANTING TIME : Teak is tropical plant which can be grown in the regions having temperature between 18 c to 50 c

SOIL : Teak can be grown in red soil or deep black loamy soil. Usually soil with 5.8-7.5 ph is suitable for teak cultivation.

ALIGNMENT OF TEAK SAPLINGS : Distance: 10 ft x 10 ft Plants per acre: 440 plants

PLANTING : Ploughing has to be done 1 time for the entire field of plantation. 1½ × 1½ × 1½ ft size pits has to be made. Mud taken from the pit should be mixed with dry cow-dung or Vermi compost which would be used as manure to be filled in the pits. Once the pits are ready, the plant saplings are removed from the polybag without damaging the roots of the saplings and planted in middle of the pit.

• Check that there are no cracks in the soil.

• The root of the sapling should be covered with mud in a pyramid shape.

• While planting, irrespective of the height of the plant only 4 inches should be above the ground and rest of the plant should be under ground

WATER MANAGEMENT : After plantation saplings should be watered immediately. Drip irrigation is best suitable for teak plants as the plants get sufficient water & absorb nutrients. Plantation will be free of weeds. Hence, plants grow healthy and nourished.

• First one month plants should be supplied with sufficient water

• From 2nd to 5th month water the plants twice a week.

• From 6 - 11th months water once in every 6 days.

NUTRITION MANAGEMENT : Nutrition management is important in Teak plantation. It is directly dependent on soil nutrients and the required nutrition at the developmental stages.

Note: Nutrients supply has to be sufficient for healthy growth of the plants. Depending on the growth of the plant we need to do soil analysis to fulfill the deficiencies. Below mentioned pictures are the plantations where proper plant care has been taken.

WEED CONTROL : Weed control is very important in teak plantation. Weeds to be controlled first year after plantation so that the plants will be getting more nutrition and yield more.

Cultivation method for MBT Teak Saplings