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Keeping in view that trees provide food, shelter, medicine, fuel and wood our culture promotes the idea of producing, planting, protecting and donating trees to the society. Conserving a tree is a pious action.

Began with this zeal of producing the best tissue cultured teak clones, Mother Biotech has established an ultramodern tissue culture laboratory producing 9 different teak clones and is involved in distributing it to the farmers based on their Argo climatic conditions.

Due to fast growth combined with high returns our products has very good demand in the market.

Mission :

Our Mission is to provide farmers across the globe in general and Indian farmers in particular with the best disease resistant, healthy, and high yielding tissue cultured teak plants to elevate their economic returns.

Vision :

To prevent endangerment of teak plants, reduce global warming by encouraging plantation of tissue cultured teak plants against stumps.


Teakwood plays a major role in the timber industry. It is in high demand as compared to other wood both in the domestic and international markets. India dominates global teakwood consumption. Due to its assured and high economical returns even when cultivated in dry land, Government of India is encouraging teak plantations massively through various subsidized schemes. The rising demand and shortage of supply resulted in sharp rise of teak log price. This huge demand can be fulfilled only by encouraging teak plantation. Opting for Tissue cultured teak plantation will give 100% yield in short span of 8 years which will result in good economical returns to the farmers as compared to teak stumps which will take longer time for yield