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With an immense knowledge and experience in Tissue culture Process, Mr. Balakrishna Muthukuri founded this organization to produce world class tissue cultured teak plants. His 23 years of research in Tissue Teak & Clonal propagation, resulted in inventing various plant hormones for the overall growth of the plant. He is expert in propagation & standardization of Tissue Culture protocols for medicinal plants. His research work on 250 species of plants has resulted in the production of species specific hormones for rooting, flower inducing, shoot growth promotion, bud induction, stem rot inhibition & overall development of plants with 85-90% positive results.

To his credits,
  • He has produced 5 best clones of Teak.
  • He was a scientific consultant for Andhra Pradesh Forest Department for plantation of 10 lakh Tissue Cultured Plants with commercial production of 250 plant species.
  • He was also in-charge scientist for Netherland’s Biotechnology program representing Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • He is the author of the Following to benefit the farmers: “Micro propagation techniques for multi propagation of trees from lab to farmer field” published in 2005 & “Need for Modernizing Nursery Techniques to achieve International Competitiveness” organized by Indian Nursery men Association, Dept of Horticulture, Govt of AP.
  • He also published around 850 articles in "Google"
  • He was a guide to Biotechnology graduates and post graduates of various universities and prestigious institutions.
  • He guides the students in research and PhD programmes